1. Big Hands
    London, UK
  2. DayKoda
    Milan, Italy
  3. Fade
  4. ITOA
    London, UK
  5. KuThI JinaNi
  6. Lynch Kingsley
    Rome, Italy
  7. Screw3000
    Saint Petersburg, Russia
  8. Soreab
    London, UK
  9. Sun Yufka
    Milan, Italy
  10. Sun People
    Graz, Austria
  11. Ticklish
    Berlin, Germany


Beat Machine Records Milan, Italy

Italian independent record label focused on electronic music. Record label home to great artists of the underground international scene.
Beat Machine wants to represent those musical trends that arise from the real and virtual (web) suburbs, tracing the road and giving voice to the most interesting and original projects.
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